I successfully installed CM11-M2 snapshot on my Razr Maxx (xt912, spyder). I was able to use my camera successfully on the device after install. However, now a few weeks in, I am experiencing a few issues related to my external SD card.

  • My camera no longer works with an error "Insert an SD card before using the camera"
  • When attempting to download a file through the browser I get an error stating that an "SD card is required" to download the file
  • I use the app EBookDroid, which allows opening files from the filesystem, while I have an entry for sdcard1 (my external SD card), I cannot view any files inside of it
  • With root permissions on my File Manager, I can navigate through and view files in my external SD card, but cannot open them in any other applications

After a little investigating, I see the path /mnt/media_rw/ which contains two mounted partitions of sdcard0 and sdcard1. These paths belong to the user and group named media_rw. My best guess is that this issue is related to these permissions. Here is output of ls -la on /mnt/media_rw

drwx------ media_rw media_rw             2014-03-06 12:47 sdcard0
drwxrwx--- media_rw media_rw             1969-12-31 19:00 sdcard1

Is there an fstab file I can verify (I dont see one in /etc/fstab). Or am I barking up the wrong tree with media_rw. Can anyone assist?


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How old is your SD card? Does it work under stock? If it doesn't work under either, I wonder if the SD card is going bad? How long have you had it and do you do a lot of writing to it? If so, then the card might be going bad as SD cards have a limited lifespan. The more you write to it, the shorted the lifespan.

Do you have another SD card you could try? I would also do a chkdsk on it to see if any bad sectors are found. If so, time to ditch it and get a new card.

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