I have already rooted my android tablet. I am able to access internal system locations e.g. data/data/com.example.src.

However, I am unable to delete aps's under oem/apps folder. I have already tried "RootAppDelete" app to uninstall thses apps, but this app says it has no root access. But the data/data/packagename location only becomes accessable after rooting the device, and as I mentioned above I am able to access this location.

Can someone tell me how to delete apk's under oem/apps folder?


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give the root permissions to the RootAppDelete app from the superuser app.

and I would recommend you to use titanium backup to delete pre installed app


it's not that easy to remove those apps. I would suggest installing a custom ROM like Cyanogenmod (that's what I did myself). You might have some problems with apps that do not work under that custom ROM and there is no way back...

I assume that you want to use google play store therefore the "google apps" come by default included in this proprietary package.

I have found a script for doing what you want to do, it didn't work for myself and I ended up using a custom ROM try http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2307355 it is a script which you can modify, you need a rooted device and cwm or twrp

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You have to do this : Click file or folder > right click>change permission After has change then delete file that you want it


If you've Superuser, make sure it is giving the app superuser privileges. I used this app: System App Remover Pro v3.0.1035 (com.jumobile.manager.systemapp.pro)

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