I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note and having enough trouble with the texts to just throw it in the trash and never buy samsung again. I never even start typing and it says "converting to mms" the moment I open messaging and pick a contact. I've already turned creation mode to restricted and it did nothing. No one gets my mms messages either. It's like I never even sent anything. This is really annoying. How do I make it stop?

  • I don't know really much about your issue but you can try out the 3rd party sms app like Handcent and see, it has an option disable the conversion SMS to MMS and try and report back. Also I read on Google that if you enter the emotions in text then it convert to mms on note and s4. – avirk Mar 8 '14 at 5:02

I had problems with my texting immediately after leaving the Cricket store. This may not be your problem with the conversion, but as far as people not receiving MMS, try fixing your APN. You will have to research how to do it on your phone and get the correct APNs for your phone carrier, as I do not have access to that specific phone. This may at least help you with people not getting MMS from you.

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