So i've been using google translate for a while and there are a bunch of translated words and phrases that i have asked for to date stored on the device. I now want to take a copy of them to my PC (in any tractable text format) so that i can use a decent text editor / script to convert them to anki format (a flashcard app) so that i can memorize them.

Does anyone know how to get at this data? I had a quick look through the file system on my android phone (which incidentally, is a samsung galaxy S III) and i couldn't see anything obvious there. I reason that the phrases i have used must be in there somewhere because they are displayed on the phone even when there is no internet access from the device.

  • I'd actually be glad if there was an automatic tool to achieve this... or an easy way to sync my phrasebook to Anki when I add more phrases to it. May 1, 2014 at 19:58

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If you are logged into your Google account, your Phrasebook will synchronize across devices and you can also access it from the web interface of Google Translate. Furthermore, after importing to Anki you can synchronize your decks across devices.

  1. In the web interface of Google Translate, show the Phrasebook by clicking the Phrasebook icon in the upper right corner: Show Phrasebook
    1. Export the Phrasebook to a Google spreadsheet by clicking the Export icon, again in the upper right corner: Export to Google Sheets
    2. Click "Yes, import the data".
    3. Export the resulting spreadsheet to .csv format: enter image description here
    4. The .csv file has four fields: source language, target language, source phrase, and target phrase. To import the data into the Anki desktop application, choose File -> Import in the menu, and in the dialog that opens, choose Front for field 3 and Back for field 4: enter image description here
    5. Click Import, and you're done :)
  • Great tip with the Export Phrasebook to Google Sheets. However one thing I notice is that my entire Phrasebook is not exported. I looked into it further and found that all phrases that I have saved using the Google translate app on my phone were not synced with the phrases I saved from the web version of Google translate. Is there any way to sync the web and phone app versions?
    – Simon Boyd
    Apr 14, 2020 at 20:48

Here is a tool to import from Google Translate: https://github.com/jamhed/anki

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    – Izzy
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