just recieved new android phone which should be 1GB ROM AND 8GB RAM. ANTUTU tells me the following

memory 840.2/1008.3 MB RAM 175.7/967.5 MB Internal SD card 5558.3/5564.6 MB

I'm new to Android and smartphones and am not sure exactly what these figures tell me nad if they are correct or acceptable for an 1GB/8GB phone ? Can anyone help me with this ?

Thanks .John.


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It is a general rule of thumb that all phones have less space than their advertised capacity. Can't be helped. It's never that big of a difference though.

  • It's never that big of a difference though. While this is a bit subjective, on the galaxy s4 it is advertised as 16Gb and you get less than 9 out of the box, that is a BIG difference to me. Almost half of the advertised memory missing on day 1. I would provide more information and some links in an answer rather than a subjective opinoin like above.
    – RossC
    Commented Mar 12, 2014 at 10:58

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