I am using Sony Xperia Z with android 4.3. Is there any way I can save Web pages on my device to view it offline. Will it require an app? If yes, any free app for the purpose.


Stock Browser (the one with blue icon) from Android jellybean supports offline reading with saving web pages.. Menu-> Save for offline reading

Opera mini for Android also supports saving web pages Menu-> Saved Pages-> Save

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    Just as a note for others reading this: Stock browser depends on the actual device you are using. This may be spot on for the Sony Xperia Z but it may not apply to other devices. Chrome is the new stock browser for Nexus / Google devices. Samsung 'Internet' is on Samsung devices, HTC Browser and so on. – RossC Mar 14 '14 at 9:41

All the below apps are free and on

You could use Google Chrome BETA which supports offline web pages.

This article entitled 4 hidden settings to make Chrome for Android even better mentions this. Here is the relevant extract:

Make Web pages accessible offline

Ever surfing the Web from your phone and suddenly find yourself in a dead-zone with no connection? This next setting will let you continue to view content, provided you've opened the page before and have a cached version of it on your device.

To enable it, head back into the Chrome flags section and find the option called "Enable offline cache mode." Tap enable and restart.

From XDA Developers Best Android browser for offline reading thread:

Firefox can save pages as PDF

There is Offline Browser which could be very useful to you.

Dolphin Browser HD has offline support.

XDA also mentions Opera Mini and Boat Browser, but I haven't used them in many years.

Alternatively to a browser, something like Pocket can save things for offline use, as a specific function so you can use any broswer you want!

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the best app for offline browsing: Offline Browser.

You can save not only a single page, but also a whole portion of the site

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You can use Nossfeer and make it work in any browser/OS. No need to download anything.

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