I have rooted my Nexus 5 and am trying to move an apk to the system/apps directory but keep getting "Operation Failed". I am trying to move from the /data/app directory to the /system/app directory to give access to system only settings.

I have changed /system and /system/app to permissions of 777 with "Root Browser".

What needs to be changed to allow for this?

  • My answer: I had to remount by explicitly using /system/bin/mount -o ... rather than just mount -o .... I'm guessing that at some point the version in /system/xbin started taking priority and for some reason that version fails silently. More info here: android.stackexchange.com/a/110883/109855 – Jon Coombs May 31 '15 at 1:08

Most devices have the system partition mounted as read-only. You need to remount the partition with write access so that you can modify the files.

This free app should work. Other utilities such as ES File Explorer and Titanium Backup also have the ability to remount the system partition as writeable.

Alternatively, you can use a Terminal Emulator or ADB to run the following command, which should remount the volume as well.

mount -o remount,rw /system /system

After the volume is mounted as read/write, you can go ahead and move the app over. The volume will remain read/write until you reboot the device, at which time it will revert to read-only.


Use ES File Explorer..

Select menu-> Switch on Root Explorer under Tools.

Again click on Root Explorer.

A pop up window will appear.

Select Mount R/W -> Select RW option from the new popup for '/' and 'system'.

Now onto your operation. You will now be able to move the files without failure.

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