My galaxy nexus, rooted, open bootloader, was running cyanogen mod 10.2 with encrypted data. I tried to wipe and sideload 11 maguro onto it, and install hung on fixing fs_size in crypto footer.

On rebooting it hung on the cyanogen face. I wiped a few more things and tried to put 10.2 back on and now the encryption password does not work anymore. So I cant boot the device.

I saw that a total wipe and restart is possible, but Im not sure how. Sideloading another ROM I am guessing wont help anyway since I cant boot past the encrytion screen as my password is not being accepted.

When I boot into recovery I use clockworkMod Recovery v6.0.4.7

What is the best method to start again with my device, to get some type of OS working on it?

My options from my recovery menu - reboot -install zip - wipe data/factory reset (next menu only asks to wipe data) - wipe cache partition - backup and reestore (all involving the /sdcard which it cant mount) -mounts and storage (the next menu does allow for format /system & /factory - but not sure what that will do?) - advanced (reboots and logs)


If you can, boot into fastboot by holding down both volume keys and pressing the power key, then start recovery and do a factory reset.

  • yes I can get into recovery mode, but my recovery gives me 7 options. One is wipe/factory reset. but that menu just says this will wipe all user data no yes or go back. The yes fails to mount a few drives and basically does nothing... Is there another way to do a factory reset?
    – Jon
    Mar 15 '14 at 17:11
  • I was able to install the TWRP recovery image which I found better than the clockwork. The factory reset failed, but I wiped everything including the encryption, and then the factory reset worked.
    – Jon
    Mar 15 '14 at 18:50

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