I have lots of games on my phones, and they tend to have to restart when an incoming call comes in, even while hitting the Ignore button. Is there a way, on a rooted stock Android phone to set certain apps to block incoming calls, so the foreground app does not get interrupted? I am aware of Airplane mode, but that would require me to wait for it to activate, then turn my WiFi/Mobile Data back on, then go into the game, then remember to turn it back off.

Optionally, if I could set one or two phone numbers that could interrupt (i.e. Work or the spouse), that would be awesome too. My goal is that my phone knows not to disturb me if I'm in the middle of a game, without hitting 3 or 4 buttons before launching into the game, and remembering to disable something after leaving the game.

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Nope I dont thing there is an app to do that. The game developer has to build a game such away that when game starts airplane mode has to start or even a setting for to change airplane mode on/off. As far as I know apps cannot block incoming calls.

Workaound is you can try Callcontrol and schedule the time to block calls


With the latest build of Cyanogen Mod based off of Android 5 Lollipop, incoming notifications will not end the games. A drop down bubble that is easily dismissed is all that appears.

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