im rooted, nexus 5

I work in the middle of the bush, no cell coverage. NO ROUTERS ALLOWED.

I would like to share my laptop's wired internet connection. Either create a *hidden wifi hotspot that no one will be able to detect* or share my laptops internet thru Bluetooth

could someone pleaaaase help :)

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  1. Download and install Toshiba Bluetooth stack (don't forget to reboot)
  2. Right click Toshiba Bluetooth icon in the system tray and choose "Option"
  3. Turn on "PAN" service and "DHCP" option.
  4. Open terminal (Press Win+R, then entering cmd). Go to the Toshiba installation folder (similar to this):

    cd "c:\Program Files (x86)\Toshiba\Bluetooth Toshiba Stack"

    And rerun the PAN service by entering:

    TosBtPSS.exe /END

    TosBtPSS.exe /NAP

Then you can share the internet by using ICS, Bridge Network or 3rd party NAT in Windows such as NAT32.

I also wrote a Bluetooth reverse tethering tutorial.

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  • Rooted Android device with "USB tethering" capability.
  • Windows PC with a working Internet connection.
  • USB cable to connect your Android to your PC.
  • Terminal Emulator on your Android. If you don't want to type commands on your touchscreen with Terminal Emulator, you can use your PC keyboard to enter commands with adb shell. adb is a part of Android SDK which is available for download from Google. To use adb, you need to enable "USB debugging" on your Android.
  • Optional, BusyBox on your Android.

Step 1:

  • Connect your Android to PC by USB cable and enable USB tethering

  • Windows will automatically search Windows Update and install driver for you. You can skip Windows Update search and install manually an already included driver from Microsoft.

  • In Install Driver window, click Browse My Computer, then Let me pick..., select Network Adapters, uncheck Show Compatible Hardware, look at Microsoft Corporation at the left column
  • Choose Remote NDIS Compatible Device from the right column. You can also install or update a driver from Device Manager in Windows.

Step 2:

  • Open Network Connections in Control Panel. Right click on an Internet connection that you have.

  • select Properties. In tab Sharing (or Advanced for Windows XP), click Allow other network users to connect through..., then select the USB connection in dropdown list below. Click OK.

  • Windows will automatically setup your USB network connection and assign to it an IP address, default for Windows 7:, default for Windows XP:

  • You can see your Internet connection is now "Shared" and your USB connection is now Unidentified network. Your PC setup is now done!

Step 3: Open Terminal Emulator on your Android. Type:


netcfg rndis0 dhcp

(The name for usb interface inside Android may vary. It is usually rndis0 or usb0. Type busybox ifconfigto identify the name.

When automatical dhcp method does not work.


 ifconfig rndis0 ( for Windows XP) netmask

 route add default gw ( for Windows XP) dev rndis0

If route fails, try:

busybox route add default gw ( for Windows XP) dev rndis0 dev rndis0

Some applications (download in Google Play, GMail, Facebook...) don't recognize Internet connection. You can try this way

Enable temporarily 3G connection on your Android and type

ifconfig rmnet0 

(The name for 3G interface inside Android may vary: ppp0, rmnet0... Type busybox ifconfig to identify name)

Source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2287494

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