On my phone when I do a CM update, no matter what I chose to show the update for M4 isn't available? What's going on?

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CM11-M4 didn't ship for the jf or d2 phones (Galaxy S4 and S3). They were not ready. It'll be back for -M5. All of the jftle- builds were concentrated into one Unified Device build.

Note: Unified device

Soon after the release of CM 11 M3, all Qualcomm-based variants of this device were merged into a single build: jflte. The device information pages for the individual variants still exist so that you can reference any device-specific unlock instructions, download recoveries, or would like to build, for example, CM 10.2: jflteatt, jfltecan, jfltecri, jfltecsp, jfltespr, jfltetmo, jflteusc, jfltevzw, jfltexx.

This new build, simply jftle has no M4 available on the website either, it's not just the updater.

And, just for comprehensiveness the jftlespr (the Sprint Deprecated variant) also doesn't have the M4 build.

Here is what was said in irc.freenode.net/#cyanogenmod,

< [R]> jf and d2 weren't ready for m4
< [R]> so they didnt get it
< EvanCarroll> [R]: Thanks for the update!
< EvanCarroll> [R]: is there a post about that, and will they get -M4 later, will they get -M5 or will they be supported in CM11?
< [R]> of course they dont get it
< [R]> of course there will be m5
< [R]> i said it wans't ready for m4
< [R]> i dindt say cm is dropping it

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