so someone tells me i need to call a few people. they send me a vCard called contacts.vcf. i import it. i open my phone app and start to dial, but wait...i don't know their names.

How do i look up a recent vCard on my phone? How do i know who's contact i've been sent? when i navigate to a .vcf file, i can't open it. all i can do is import it. polaris office won't import/open it. is there an android txt editor i can use to peruse a vCard?

yours truly, Confused by vCards Note 3, kit kat

  • Have you tried opening the vCard using the default Contacts app? – geffchang Mar 17 '14 at 2:58
  • I think winrar or 7zip will be able to show you the insides of a vcard file. just try it. – akabhirav Aug 20 '15 at 15:15

Use a text editor to open the VCF file. It should look like this:

FN:****FIRST NAME******

Replace all stars with the data's name that I provided between them.

You may use ES File Explorer to open VCF file as text.


I think this app, Contacts VCF should do what you want. Shows the list of contacts inside a .vcf file.

The application allows you to open files with the extension of import contacts .vcf (vCard) as a phone book to add and edit the contacts, make calls. It can be used as an alternative to contacts Android. Get a copy of all the contacts from the device easily. Print out your contacts using the export to .txt or web page Was added inspector for the files .vcf


Depending on the version of Android phone you have, there's another way to open the .vcf file. Press and hold down the message. A message options will appear. Forward the message to someone who has an update Andriod phone. In my case I forward the message to my daughter. I have her hand me down phone Galaxy S and she has the Galaxy 5 (five).

  • So what should she do with the forwarded message? You seem to have given half of the instructions. – Dan Hulme Dec 5 '16 at 11:38

You should be able to open a vCard file in any basic editor. Navigate using a file manager to open up the vcard in a text editor. It should display the contents.

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