When I install an app from the Play Store, Link2SD doesn't automatically link it but if I go to the app manually and press Create Link, it works and the app gets linked. It just won't do it automatically. I already tried recreating the mount scripts multiple times.

Already tried changing the mount script to either Ext2 or Ext4 but they both gave me an error which ascertains that my 2nd partition is in Ext3 format.


There is option in settings ( auto link apps) check that option. Your apps will be linked automatically after install.

  • I've already set that. Doesn't work. – user258900 Mar 20 '14 at 19:28

It's not a bug, it's just a conflict between Link2SD and Android's native app2sd method. To avoid that and enable link2sd autolink for all apps, in settings check "Autolink" of course and set the installation location for apps2sd method as "Internal". Here is the question from the Link2SD FAQ:

Q. Altough "auto link" is on, some apps are not linked to SD card automatically, instead, I see that that they are installed on SD card with native app2sd method of Android. I need to link them manually?

A. Beginning with Android 2.2, application developers can express the preferred installation location for their applications in the manifest of the apps. The attribute supports three values: "internalOnly", "preferExternal", and "auto". At install time, the system checks the value of android:installLocation and installs the application .apk according to the preferred location, if possible. If the application has requested external installation, the system installs it in the SD card. If the attribute is "auto", the system will decide where to install the application based on several factors.

If an application is installed on SD card with native app2sd method, it can not be linked to SD card with Link2SD. You need to link it manually.

If you decide to use Link2SD and "auto link" on, set default install location to "internal" within Link2SD to prevent conflict Link2SD and native app2sd. In that case, apps will be installed in internal storage even if the application is declared as "preferExternal" or "auto" and Link2SD can link its files.

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