When I configure my G2's "Quick Keys", I cannot set it to anything in "Settings > Wireless & Networks", except the main "WiFi settings" panel.

Ideally I would want quick keys assigned to "Tethering & portable hotspot", that would allow me to turn on data-forwarding quickly.

For the time being, I also need easy access to "Mobile network Settings", because I need to turn "Use only 2G networks" on and off, because I happen to be one of the lucky people that hit the data throttle, and cannot make voice calls when it is busy during the day.

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    Instead of using Quick Keys, you may be able to get widgets that will allow you to change these settings just as easily. – Matthew Read Mar 3 '11 at 13:26
  • Can you make a suggestion? Day two of having to set my 2G-only flag is painful. Use data. Switch. Use voice. Switch. Is this what life is like on the Verizon network? – benc Mar 4 '11 at 8:05

The best way I have found to do this is using an app called Any Cut.

Any Cut allows you to launch just about anything, follow these steps for the two that you mentioned (Tethering settings and Mobile Networks)

  1. Install Any Cut
  2. Pick a Quick Key to set (tap the key if unset currently or Home->Menu->Settings->Quick keys->[select a key])
  3. Under More, tap Any Cut
  4. Tap Activity
  5. Select the activity you want to launch (Network Settings for Mobile Networks and the 2G/3G switch or Settings --the 7th Settings -- for Tethering & portable hotspot)

Thanks to [Jeff Hamilton] for developing Any Cut (and releasing it for free) and also to [pikipirs] of XDA-Developers for pointing out which settings option to use for tethering

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