I added the functionality to automatically turn on reverse tethering after many fails:

Now i only enter t into terminal

alias t='r && sz $tether && r && sz $n'
tether='am start -n com.android.settings/com.android.settings.TetherSettings && input keyevent 66 && input keyevent 66'
n='netcfg rndis0 dhcp'
alias sz='ad shell'
alias de='ad devices -l'
alias r='ad kill-server && ad start-server'
alias ad='adb'
alias pu='adb push'

The issues with the above are: (2 is most important)

  1. This only works with the screen on and when notification bar isn't pulled down

  2. This doesn't simulate wi-fi/other wirelessnetworking or make apps actually try to connect to net instead of checking if wifi/other wirelessnetworking is enabled

  3. This code can most probably be much shorter/optimized (but at least it works)

To understand the background better please see my original question:I can reverse tether now by using alias but it stops on adb shell command

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