I have a Droid Mini bought in America with Verizon that I'd like to be able to use in France. It's supposedly one of their "Global Ready" phones, so using it here should be as simple as getting a new SIM card, I'd heard.

But after putting a new SIM card in and turning the phone back on, the error message "Unknown SIM card detected," popped up, and there's no way for me to log in with my SIM card's PIN code etc.

Why am I getting this message? How do I get around it? Does it mean my phone isn't global ready and has to be unlocked?

  • I think usually you do have to ask Verizon to unlock the phone for international carriers before it will accept the SIM, but I'm not positive on that. Might be worth calling them, though. – eldarerathis Mar 22 '14 at 15:31

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