Device : MMX A89
OS : ICS 4.0.4
Battery : 1400 mAh

Is it feasible install 3000 mAh battery to MMX A89 mobile?

As internet is ON on mobile so it's getting drain within 6 to 8 hours and I am not using internet with lot of use. Although battery get drained so quickly.

Any solution?

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According to this site, your Micromax A89 Ninja phone has a removable back plate with a replaceable battery. It should be possible to replace the original 1400 mAh battery with a higher capacity one. However such battery will definitely be thicker in size, so you would most likely need to buy a different back plate to accommodate for the added thickness (see an example for Galaxy S4 here.)

I have not found any online merchant that sells extended batteries for Micromax A89, but you may have better luck with local cell phone dealerships in your part of the world.

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