I have a Reudo RBK-3000BT VER 1.0 keyboard connected by Bluetooth to an Android 4.2.2 phone.

Can I use a compose key feature with such a keyboard?
For instance I would type CAPSLOCK+^+o and it would input ô.

I know how to install such a compose key on Ubuntu, but no idea for Android.

I would be much more efficient than copy-pasting from Charmap every time.

enter image description here

  • I'd like to know, too, for Android 10. In the meantime, we can always work on creating a Termux command-line text editor with a built-in compose key! :) – Brōtsyorfuzthrāx 16 hours ago

The nearest I could find to a solution for this question was found at another Stack Exchange question. According to the "Keyboard layout" subsection of the User's Guide for Hacker's Keyboard there is a compose key available in their keyboard app. The thing that I'm not yet able to determine is whether that functionality can then be mapped to a key on an external keyboard.

Unless some other user beats me to a better answer, I will do further research and try to update this answer with any new information I should happen to discover.

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