I have a Huawei Prism II, and my laptop is running Win7. When I connect it to my laptop's USB port, I get a notification that says "Connected as USB storage," but when I go to My Computer, the phone is showing as:

CD Drive (E:) Mobile Partner
0 bytes free of 7.75 MB

So the SD card's memory isn't available to transfer files. When I go to the Notifications screen and tap "Connected as USB storage", the radio button for "USB storage device" is already selected. I can select the "Media device (MTP)" option and successfully perform file transfer to/from my SD card this way, but I'm wondering why the "USB storage device" option doesn't make the SD card available.


It looks to me you need the USB driver on your pc. Search Huawei site for "USB driver". Also set "USB Debug" on (on your phone, that is. I don't know if this alone would solve your problem, though).


My phone is Amoi N828 and I have a similar problem. My workaround is disable the USB debugging :) Then reconnect your phone to the computer :)

Hope this help.



My phone is an HTC Droid Incredible running Android Jelly Bean 4.1. I had the same issue as well, but as Tiana suggested, I turned off USB debugging, rebooted the device (not power off, but actual reboot) and it worked fine.

I had turned on USB debugging previously because I was downloading CM10 but had forgotten to turn it off afterwards.


First Go to [settings]. Then go to (general column). Then go to [developer options]. If you are not getting developer options, then in the same area go to [about the device]. Go to [build number]. Tap on it 5-7 times. Then go to developer options. I guarantee this will help you.

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    How does going under Developer options helps to solve the problem? There must be a sense somewhere that either I'm missing or the answer doesn't have it. Please explain the reasoning behind your answer. – Firelord Jul 21 '15 at 19:19

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