I somehow set a password for my Galaxy S4 (Android v4.3). I cannot figure out how to remove the password. Where is the setting to do so? I have to enter the password anytime I want to unlock the phone from the lock screen.

Note: I know the password, I just need to turn off the password.

  • Is this a password you have to enter on the lock screen, to unlock the phone; or a password you have to enter when the phone boots; or something else? – Dan Hulme Apr 3 '14 at 19:24
  • @DanHulme - It is the password I enter on the lock screen to unlock the phone. I edited question to reflect this. – L84 Apr 3 '14 at 19:28

Enter the main device Settings, and from the My device page, choose Lock screen. Click on the Screen lock item to see the list of screen lock methods, and change it to whichever type you like (perhaps Swipe or None). You'll have to enter the existing password (or PIN) to make the change.

If you're using your phone to connect to a corporate Exchange server, or similar, then a security policy on the device might force you to have a password (or possibly a PIN, depending on the policy). In that case, you'll have to speak to your network administrator to get the policy removed before you can remove the password.

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