I noticed that the last couple of months Google Maps shuts down while I am using it for directions in my car. When I re-open the app I have to set the route from scratch unlike when the app is working and somebody presses the home button.It used to work perfectly in the past.

I have 2 samsung galaxy pocket plus s5301 devices and they have the same problem with this application. Did google make the app too heavy, for this device to handle(with only 512MB RAM), in the last updates?

Thanks in advance

  • This is also occurring with my Samsung S8 as well. I'll start the app and start driving and let's say I want to change music and I switch another app, it will shut down and I'll have to reopen the app. I have plenty of memory. Its. It just a particular app. It's all apps, that when I switch it,not shuts down. – Romeo Apr 22 '19 at 10:30

If the device is unusually slow, or other apps get closed too, I would expect it's a memory shortage problem.

Some other service/app/proces (possibly part of the system), unrelated to Maps, uses so much main memory that that there is not enough memory available at the time you run Maps, and the system needs to kill an app to free memory, and decides to kill Maps.

It this is the case, the problem would be somewhere else, and Maps in itself could run fine.

  • Something must have changed in the app making it "heavier" because the problem appeared at about the same time in both devices. I can't think of anything else – user57769 Apr 5 '14 at 14:23
  • I've a samsung S4. I did not check mem usage when it shut down, but the phone was as it usually is, around 840mb free memory and ~1gig used memory. It shut down 2 times in a row after maybe 20-40 minutes of driving. It was fully charged both times, one of the time I even had usb connected to it in my car to make sure battery was not an issue. – Johan Jun 24 '14 at 8:22

I will suggest you to stop all running application of your phone and restart all applications. If still these this problem is going on then check updates of your android system.

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