Recently, my Google Agenda started show completely wrong data :

  • In planning view, "Today" (9th) is showing in front of yesterday (8th), "yesterday" in front of the 7th which is 2 days from today, and "Tomorrow" in front of today (9th) !

  • Every event is showing one day before, but the date shown under the title of the event is correct. I means that all events planned the tomorrow the 10th are displayed the 9th, which is still marked "tomorrow" but is today ! If I open the event, the date is correct. This is completely nonsense.

  • Everything displays correctly in month and week views. Today is april 9th.

  • Everything is OK on my other phone, and on the web version.

Here are some screenshots (taken on april 9th, 06:22 PM, UTC+1) :

Planning View

Week View

Month View

What I already tried :

  • Remove Google account calendar sync, setting back, forcing calendar sync

  • Rebooting my phone

  • Uninstalling Google Agenda app, and reinstalling

  • Using another calendar apps (they all acted the same !)

  • Emptying cache

  • Emptying Dalvik cache

I only found one guy with the same problem : Here

My device : Samsung Galaxy Nexus, with CyanogenMod 11 M2, Android 4.4.2

Any idea what I'm missing here ?

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