Today I changed my Google password. The next time I turn on my tablet I am suddenly confronted with a "Re-type password" screen - yes, it takes the whole screen. So I jump over to another app to pull the new password from my keychain, but before I can do this, the "Re-type password" screen pops back up. I literally have 2-3 seconds before it pops up again. How am I supposed to get my password if it literally won't let me go to any other screen? How can I disable it long enough to let other apps run? I have tried the "back" button and I have tried the wrong password just to try to force it to give me a rest, but regardless of whether I tell it to retry, cancel, or just let it sit there asking me, as soon as I switch to another app, a couple seconds later it rudely jumps back to asking me to re-type the password.

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From Settings, go to General:Accounts:Google: and then disable everything from being synced. As soon as this is done, the password prompt will stop popping up. After password is changed, sync can be enabled again.

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