I accidentally erased boot and bootloader. download mode nor recovery works and my pc recognize it like Broadcom USB. Any solution?


I think this link would help you out: http://lifehacker.com/5853519/how-do-i-fix-my-bricked-android-phone

  • I can't find the app that works with Alcatel , which let me flash/format etc the phone when it's dead... do you know any? – Abanoub Apr 15 '14 at 16:12
  • Please don't make people go to another site to get any useful information. Make your answer self-contained. – ale Apr 16 '14 at 2:20

here is a tutorial how to fix your alcatel

the tutorial is a video on youtube its in spanish but dont worry i fixed mine even thoght i dont understand spanish

ok here is the video link


and here is the files you need to fix your phone https://www.mediafire.com/?gyhxb15ojb6dq6t try to watch the video first after you download the file unzip it to your desktop first thing you need to do is to shutdown your phone remove the battery and put the battery back into your phone press and hold the VOLUME UP button and turn on your phone then connect your phone to pc using the usb cable now open the folder you unziped to your desktop and double click Romeo.cmd now you can see som thing like thisRomeo home screen type 1 and hit Enter once you see press any key to return to home type 2 and hit enter again ......do that for all rest steps once you reach the 7 step your phone will restart unplug your phone from usb cable dont worry if it looks un usual now try to enter recovery mode and select recover user data once done reboot your phone and enjoy I hope this was helpfull


When a thing like that happens you need to install the driver "Broadcom Usb to Serial" and you need to use SPFlash tool with the correct scatter file for your model . Scatter file includes the addresses for all the partitions in the phone memory , like boot , bootloader , recover , data , system ,etc .. The Scatter file have the Hex addresses of each partition and its size . Here you can find the driver : (Note: This driver is for windows XP 32bit , it does ot work in 7 or later , create a VM for this )


The firmware you can find it here , download the stock rom Eglish: https://github.com/peterpt/Alcatel_V860_smart_2/tree/master/Roms

SPflash tool ca n be downloaded here : https://spflashtool.com/

Now the most important thing (Scatter file) i am unable to get it for you because i am also looking for it :) .

Let me know if you find it . The manual in how to do all the process can be found here : https://www.gogorapid.com/flash-stock-rom-alcatel-v860/

  • Mediafire links aren't useful because they expire after a short time. Do you have a link to an official, trustworthy download for this file? – Dan Hulme Apr 18 '18 at 13:57

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