my acer s500 has a broken screen and the touch dont work anymore, after that happend I connect it to my computer with USB and happily USB debugging was turned on so I could get al my stuff from my phone.

but my question is, how can I control my phone from my computer? My phone wasn't rooted so I realy dont know how to do that without touchscreen.

I know there are al lot of the same questions like this but all the answers din;t help me, I am realy a noob with stuff like this, thus please help me ;)



Use a USB-OTG cable, then you can connect a mouse to the phone and you'll get a cursor on-screen. You can also connect the OTG cable to a USB hub, then you can connect both a mouse and keyboard. You could also connect a wired mouse long enough to pair a Bluetooth mouse/keyboard to the phone.

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