Starting tonight, I started getting notifications that read "Permission requested for account @gmail.com". When I click and hold to go to App Info, it disappears and nothing comes up. When I click on it, it reads:

These apps want access to your Google account from now on:

  • com.lge.hiddenmenu
  • LGInstallService
  • Widevine Keybox Test
  • LGSetupWizard
  • LG MLT
  • PC Suite Service
  • Settings
  • com.lge.lockscreen
  • SystemBackupService
  • com.android.providers.settings
  • Google Backup Transport
  • LGSystemServer
  • Task Manager
  • Android System
  • Font Server
  • Key Chain
  • Input Devices
  • Aspect ratio correction
  • Camera Test
  • Shutdown Monitor
  • Home selector
  • com.lge.internal
  • LGATCMD Service
  • Wise Screen

They are requesting permission to:
Android Services

I click on No Thanks, and it comes back an hour later. I don't want to allow access, because I have no idea who is requesting it.

How can I get rid of this forever, without giving access to those services that I don't use? Or is it actually required somehow?

It's an LG Optimus G phone, rooted with stock ROM.

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