I'm stumped. I don't know if my phone is broken or what's happening.

I have an analog clock widget on my home screen and I want to change it to a digital clock. If i tap the widget it takes me inside the clock app. If i select settings I select "Style Digital" but the home screen clock is still an analog clock.

How do i change the homescreen analog clock to a digital clock?


You can't make the widget change from analogue to digital, but you can replace the analogue one from a digital one. Hold your finger on the clock widget and drag it to the delete icon to remove it. Then, to add a digital clock widget, go to the app drawer and click Widgets, and find Digital clock in the list. Hold your finger on the digital clock to pick it up, and drag it where you like on the home screen.

  • Thanks. Your solution works perfectly. I guess I didn't see the digital clock in the widgets. – Jessica M. Apr 23 '14 at 19:39

On later versions swiping your finger vertically across the circle will cause it to flip over. On one side is analogue the other is digital.

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