My lightsensor of my Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn't return good values. I tested it in different places, p.E. outside in the sun or indoor with and without light.

The value outside was a bit confusing because the result was the proper value of 85745.0lx. This value is first of all 4 times higher than in comparison with my tablet. At a second Samsung S3 (with Stock-OS) it was about 18'000 lux. Second point: it was a fix value, it didn't change between ~200lux all the time.

After the tests I tried to find out, why that happend. The function maxvalue = light.getMaxumumRange(); shows me, that the maximum value of the light sensor is 121240.0 lx. Could it be, that this value is, because I have an custom rom on my phone (Team UB)? Or does anyone know an other reason for this difference?

Thanks for your answers.


Yes, of course it could be because you have a custom ROM on your phone. Most likely the ROM has a buggy or poorly integrated touchscreen driver. Drivers in custom ROMs often don't perform correctly, especially in unofficial or pre-release builds, and especially with non-essential functionality like light sensors.

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