I've tried connecting my Acer Iconia B1-710 to the tv using a USB/HDMI cable but the tv will not recognise the signal!

What else do I need to do to get the image to appear on the tablet and TV simultaneously

  • I have the A1-810 & it has micro HDMI to connect a micro HDMI to HDMI connector. There is also a mini HDMI connector in total 3 sizes in HDMI connections Mini, Micro & regular HDMI connections! – Defiant Lion Mar 28 '20 at 17:31

In order to use a USB to HDMI cable the device needs to support Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL), which, unfortunately, the Iconia B1-710 does not.

Some devices have their own proprietary cables for connecting, but, according to this Acer forum thread:

We do not support connecting the B1-710 tablet to a television via USB. There are no products that I am aware of that would facilitate this connectivity.

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