I have an htc one m7 running bootloader hboot 1.56. I unlocked the bootloader via htcdev.com The bootloader now shows Unlocked My phone is recognized in adb when the phone is turned on. But when i go into the bootloader and get into the fastboot mode, the command "adb devices" returns blank in the command prompt.

I have reinstalled the htc drivers thrice already. Twice using the latest version of HTC Sync Manager and once separately from a link on xda.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can somebody tell me where I might have gone wrong?

P.s. - Running windows 7 x64

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You don't use adb to connect to a device when it's in the bootloader menu: you need to use the fastboot command instead. That's why it's called "fastboot mode"! Not all phones support fastboot: in particular, older HTC phones use a proprietary protocol called HBOOT instead, but I think the newer ones support fastboot.


I figured that out after an hour of searching with different keywords. I'd been out of the rooting game for a while, got confused between the two.

  • Fastboot in bootloader mode did work.
  • adb does not work in bootloader.

Thanks for the answer Dan, much appreciated.

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