I have started using hangouts now that it has merged in with all my sms messages and it's cool.

However i was wondering if someone could explain the indicators that show up at the bottom left of the screen to me?

I currently know:

  • TinyPortrait(transparent) = current point user has read to
  • Dots (...) = user is typing


  • TinyPortriat(Solid) = i thought this might mean they are up to date, but considered it could be that they are watching the screen?
  • Small Phone Icon = No idea what this means.

Are there any others?


TinyPortriat(Solid): The user is reading the conversation.

Small Phone Icon: This indicates that the user is using the hangouts app on a mobile device.

TinyPotrait (Faded): The user read your messages above the icon.

  • Interesting, why does this seem to be intermittent, does it mean they have the app open at that point? – 4imble Apr 30 '14 at 15:24
  • They have the app open and are looking at your messages – Ruben Roy Apr 30 '14 at 15:26

There also seems to be a little green phone handset (unlike the white full phone mentioned in my question), indicating they are in a call.


I believe the solid green means you are using Hangouts and the person is online.

The SMS indicator means you are texting instead of using Hangouts.


The green phone icon means the user is in a call with someone else. It goes away once they hang up

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