So I'd like to turn a tablet into a calendar, alarm, weather display, and task organizer that shuffles between these every five minutes when not being used. It will be mounted on a wall or next to my dual monitors.

Most likely going to use google calendar, android native clock, a generic weather app, and a custom app or web app respectively.

Any good ways to do this? Thanks.

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Clearly a job for Tasker (see also: , ). You could create a profile being active permanently, and assign it a task running in a loop. An example could look like:

  • Condition: WiFi connected (your WiFi SSID) have it running all the time while connected to your WiFi
  • Task:
    FOREACH %item 0:3
      LAUNCH APP (Google Calendar) IF %item = 0
      LAUNCH APP (Clock) IF %item = 1
      LAUNCH APP (Weather) IF %item = 2
      WAIT 5 min

The "LAUNCH APP" action lets you select the app to launch. So the loop would count from 0 to 3, launch the corresponding app, then wait 5 minutes (i.e. the app stays in foreground for those 5 minutes). Once #3 has been processed, the task would quit – but should immediately be re-launched, as the condition is still met.

I've not tested this specific configuration, so above is "plain theory" – but should get you started. You can consult the Tasker User Guide for available commands etc, but Tasker also offers a context-sensitive built-in help. Get yourself a 7-day Trial first if you want to test it first, it's available on the project site.

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