When I get a new mail on my Gmail and it appears on then notification bar and I click on it, the Gmail app starts and show the following only:

Gmail screenshot

Click image for larger version

I waited for 9 hours, nothing changed.

For a test, I clicked on a random white area and the Reply function was activated!

So it seems, the mail was long open but the progressbar never disappears. If I press Back and open it inside the app, it shows the letter with no problem.

What could cause this?


This appears to be a bug in the GMail app. I have seen this myself a few times and normally clicking the '<' arrow in the top left and opening the email again sorts it. Other times I have to kill the app and re-launch it.

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    Does Google know this? How can an application that used by millions contain a bug that prevents normal usage? – Nestor May 1 '14 at 15:46

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