I was trying to repair my broken touchscreen glass. I was going to use the touchscreen like that shown here, but every of them is transparent inside. transparent glass

That would be absolutely OK, but after heating the touchscreen with hair-dryer and peeling it off it seems that there's not such black layer. The LCD screen is kinda silver.

Now take a look how my glass actually looks like. my broken glass

I don't know if some polarization magic takes place here, but is that possible I peeled off some black layer from not only the touchscreen, digitizer, but from the LCD screen as well?

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Modern touchscreens consist of two parts:

  1. The digitizer: This is transparent and detects the touch events.
  2. The LCD: This is the screen and its kinda silver.

The digitizer and LCD are glued and are difficult to separate cleanly. It appears that you've removed a chunk of the LCD as well. The LCD and the digitizer are also sold as a single unit, glued together, so that they are easier to assemble.

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