I want to put a custom ROM on my LG G2.

I have successfully applied root permissions using IORoot v25. However I am unable to create a backup of the stock ROM.

I have tried several ways using the ROM Manager app (v5.5.37):

  1. Go to ROM Manager > Recovery Setup > [Install or Update] ClockwordModrecovery. Then tap Reboot into Recovery. The phone reboots into the recovery menu, but no options to back up are listed. (So I choose option to reboot).
  2. With CWM Recovery still set, I tap "Backup Current ROM" (underneath it says the backup directory will be /mnt/shell/emulated/clockworkmod/backup. Again, it boots into the recovery menu without any backup options so I select reboot. Yet nothing appears in the /mnt/shell directory.
  3. Configure ROM Manager to use TWRP recovery. Then in ROM Manager, tap option to go to recovery mode. Yet again, no backup options are listed, so yet again I choose option to reboot.
  4. With TWRP Recovery still set, I tap "Backup Current ROM" (underneath it says the backup directory will be /sdcard/TWRP/BACKUPS/0225b99d9a5159f0. Surprise surprise, no backup options, and no directory /sdcard/TWRP.

What am I doing wrong?

From what I understand, what I am seeing is the "stock" recovery [program/menu], and neither the TWRP nor the CWM recovery menus are showing. Perhaps they're failing to install, or failing to be run or something? The logs in the app SuperSU which handles root requests do not give any hints - I can find no mention of CWM or TWRP recovery.

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I was correct - the stock recovery was not being substituted for a custom recovery.

I have since tried a number of things:

First I tried installing the "FreeGee" app. Trying to install a custom recovery resulted in the error "Your devices specific software version of D80220d is not currently supported".

Second, I tried following this guide resulted in the error:

Loki tool v2.1
[-] Loki aboot version does not match device.
1|root@g2:/data/local/tmp # exit
1|shell@g2:/ $

What eventually worked was downloading the AutoRec .apk for the LG G2 D802 and installing it using adb:

adb install D802_AutoRec.apk

I downloaded the .apk from here. TWRP recovery was installed successfully. More information on AutoRec is here.

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