I have been struggling for a week. Searching all though the internet.

My Galaxy Nexus has suddenly stopped working. It is continuously rebooting.

Its rooted but has stock rom 4.3.

My problem is, I thought of wipe everything and do a fresh flash and I started with fastboot commands.

So I ran all the commands below:

fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-maguro-primelc04.img
fastboot reboot-bootloader

fastboot flash radio radio-maguro-i9250xxlj1.img
fastboot reboot-bootloader

Both went well with out errors and OKAY for all erasing, sending and writing.

This was taking endless time.

fastboot -w update image-yakju-jwr66y.zip

So, I disconnected. And now:

I am unable to Flash or wipe partitions or even a single file (from fastboot or recovery screens - wherever applicable)!!!

I am not able to erase and do a fresh install. The height of the situation is when recovery is falking me showing that the files and folders are deleted, but after a reboot all files and folders which I just deleted are coming up in list!

Moreever, when I do a ./fastboot oem lock (the bootloader screen shows that the lock status is locked) and do a reboot, the lock status again turns UNLOCKED!

I tried to flash the latest TWRP.

fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-
fastboot reboot-bootloader

Its showing successs. But when I run it after reboot, its my earlier version 2.6 of twrp shows up!

I am not sure what is causing this! but please help me recover my device.

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So after searching lots of forum, chatting with experts in XDA, I found out that:

Samsung used a cheap substandard emmc.

I have tried everything from adb, Odin to jtag. The emmc just died,no way to fix it.

First there was this awful lag issue : Galaxy Nexus GSM bad eMMC chip type V3U00M phone is almost unusable

Later within 2 years, emmc will die and you will stuck with bootloop issue :
Galaxy Nexus GT-I9250 with hardlocked NAND ?!? need help !
Galaxy Nexus S (i9250) stuck in reboot loop - gets to OS loading and restarts

Almost all of us with V3U00M chip and other defective mmc chips would have now got there emmc fried.

What to say, on my side I'm blacklisting Samsung, this phone has been a joke for me since the beginning (the fstrim bug has been a nightmare), if you dare you can try to replace the board.


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