Does anyone know where the VLC developers are up to with VLC for Android. Is there a beta out, an APK somewhere?

I'm trying to play an AVI on my HTC Legend, to no avail. If VLC is not ready, does anyone know a media player which will play AVIs (is there more than one codec for AVI types?).

Thanks very much.

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Rockplayer has decoders built-in and can play divX files. AVI files are containers - you should also find out what codec has been used for the video. Use a utility like GSpot Codec Information Appliance on your PC to check.

There's also yxPlayer but not too many satisfied users from what I hear although YMMV.

  • Thought that could be the case with the AVI file. Rockplayer worked a treat though. Thanks
    – Adam
    Mar 11, 2011 at 14:47

I know this question has been answered already but if someone else comes looking for Android video players here is an article on MakeUseOf that lists 8 of the "best" video players for Android:



Look for applications that use ffmpeg. It is something like an alternative set of codecs, and it handles quite a lot formats.

If I recall correctly, I used VitalPlayer once to play a Matroska file -- something which is not normally possible to do on my phone.

But it seems there are more programs that use this library.


There's been a beta for VLC out for a while. You can find out about it on the main Videolan site or on their Google Play site.

I'm not sure of how it will play on your Legend, though.


Have you tried Arcmedia? Maybe that will work.

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