Most of the books on my Kindle for Android app display with the same font, which I find good enough for reading.

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But I have just one book which uses different typography, and it is bad enough to distract me from the reading experience. I checked maybe 10 other books and none displays that way. So I assume that this must be a publisher font. Kindle is supposed to support reset of publisher fonts since 4.3. I have and can't find how to do it. A solution from Amazon help says

  1. While reading, press the Menu button and then select Change Font Size.
  2. Next to Publisher Font, select "on" or "off".

But I have no such option.

If this is a publisher font, how do I get it to normal? If it isn't, why is this book displaying so differently from all the others, and again, how do I get it to normal? (device is not rooted).

The below screenshot shows what I see in the settings for the book. (There are no font settings in the two real Menu buttons, this comes from the aA button which changes the book's appearance). It also shows the strange font with low readability (both screenshots are taken at the same line spacing setting).

enter image description here

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You cannot change the font on some books if it's using an older format.

Because those books are older topaz format instead of newer AZW format. You can't change the font type with the topaz format, although you can still change the font size. If you look at the content of Kindle with your computer, you will notice that the books with the older topaz format has .tpz extension while the newer AZW format has .AZW extension.

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