How can I delete downloaded stickers on viber? I downloaded there a few, and the last one I wanted to download was not possible because there was not enough room in my storage space (still isn't). Now, it says every single time when I open my phone,

there is not enough room in the storage space available to complete this action. Please clear some space and try again.

And I am not even downloading anything, it keeps doing it itself. Whatever I do, the window pops up and again, I have to close it. What can I do?


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Yes, Go to your profile in viber "You" At the bottom of page, Go to "market sticker" At the top right corner, you see "settings" select it, & you can "on/off" your stickers. It's as simple! :)


From the Viber product page:

Can I delete sticker packages?

Once you have downloaded a sticker package, it will remain on your device. However, you have the option of disabling sticker packages that you do not want displayed in your sticker menu. ​

  • Enter the Sticker Market
  • Select the gear icon
  • Uncheck the box next to the packages you do not want to displayed in your sticker menu

Go to sticker market and deselect sticker you don't want. Get a file manager that shows hidden files (the ones starting with a .). Go to viber/media/.stickers folder and delete everything in it. You have just deleted "all" stickers. Open viber and the stickers still selected will automagically download again. It takes a while but they all come back :-)


As of now THERE IS NO delete option.

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