I used following methodology to create a strong boot password on the phone, at the same time keeping a weaker PIN for screen unlock. Now I want to make sure that if someone tries to pick up a PIN, that the phone reboots, which would make it fallback to a more secure password prompt.

The default setting is to put a 30-second delay after 5 invalid attempts. I wonder if I can tweak these settings in any way to lower 5 to smaller number, and replace cooldown with a reboot.

If stock Android does not offer that experience, maybe there is a 3rd party application?


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Stock ROM doesn't. Apart from building custom ROM or installing DPM, there are 3rd-party apps, SnooperStopper & Wrong PIN Shutdown.

SnooperStopper will power off device what option can not be changed. However, custom command can be issued in Wrong PIN Shutdown.

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