I want to retrieve a list of installed applications on KitKat and I also need their version numbers. I know I can use adb shell pm . . . to obtain a list of all packages, but I need the version for each application. I want to use ADB instead of manually clicking on each app inside of app manager. Is there a command that will give me that information?



In ADB shell issue the following command:

dumpsys package packages

This gives you all the information about installed packages, including the version number. You can then play around with grep utility to narrow down the results to only the lines you need:

dumpsys package packages | grep -E 'Package \[|versionName'

The above returns something similar to this:

Package [com.android.voicedialer] (41cb1a08):
Package [com.android.defcontainer] (41cb4750):
Package [ru.ok.android] (41cb7200):
Package [org.koxx.pure_calendar] (41cb9818):
Package [com.android.phone] (41df4fe8):
Package [com.gsamlabs.xposed.mods.enablebatterystatspermission] (41cbc008):

I use this app from Google Play:


Description: Write down all installed applications into the text or html file and save it on memory card into the InstalledApps directory. In default, it creats log after each installed/uninstalled application. Check Setup button in application for more settings. Basic PHP script for auto upload you can find at http://www.2ox.cz/applist/

I am not author of this app.

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