I am trying to set up a Google Nexus 7 (kitkat) and a Samsung Note 2 (jellybean) for offline English-Spanish Translation using the Google Translate app. Both devices are usually set to UK English. On each device, I have downloaded the offline spanish translation data, and that works fine in the translate app in flight mode. I have also downloaded text-to-speech data in English and Spanish, and that will output audio in both languages from the translate app in flight mode.

I have google voice typing set as a generic input method on each device, and I have downloaded the Espanol (Espana) Offline speech recognition pack for google voice typing. Choose Input languages is set to automatic, although changing it to English and Spanish makes no difference.

In the Google translate app, when I touch to recognise a voice in English, it works fine.

When I touch to recognise a voice in Spanish, in flight mode, on either device, I see the message,

No Connection for speech input (E4)

Spanish voice input works when not in flight mode. Can I make the app recognise Spanish voice offline? Thanks!


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Aha! Five minutes later... It's the setting in the Google Translate app. Settings - speech input - Spanish was set to Default Dialect. I set it to Spanish (Spain) and voice input now works on both devices in Spanish in Flight mode.

It would be be nice if Android was a bit less picky when it came to missing language data, like web pages work with fallback fonts. But, it works, quite well, and it's free!

  • More info >>> Turns out ONLY Spanish (Spain) will work in offline mode. In reading the first answer, I thought it just needed to be changed to not be 'default', so I couldn't figure out why Spanish (Mexico) wasn't working. When I changed it to Spain, all was OK. I'd like to know how Google expects anyone to know this?!?
    – user109165
    Commented May 18, 2015 at 14:50
  • Worked for me too. But not 100%. Not the Voice
    – user238098
    Commented Sep 20, 2017 at 22:53

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