I am a disabled guy in a wheelchair with an HTC EVO shift. I need help answering my phone without using my hands. My Motorola phones always had auto answering options but I need that for this super duper fancy expensive phone I just received. There must be more people out there that need the same thing!

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I thought this was totally possible but for the life of me can't find anything that says it is. I was sure I had seen that option somewhere but going through the settings on my EVO 4G (similar to the Shift) I can't find anything that says auto answer. Same thing when I searching around online.

So it appears that there is no built-in way to set Auto-Answer

However, there are a few apps in the market which claim to provide this functionality (this is by no means all of them, just three from the first page of results):

If you don't want to go the app route I also found these Blue Ant Bluethooth Headsets which supposedly allow you to answer the call by actually saying the word "answer". This may be a better option than to always answering a call instead you can tell the headset when to answer or not.

Hope this helps


This phone runs an operating system called Android, and many features can be added by using external applications.

There´s one app calld AutoAnswer, that is very complete and free.

Here is the info about it: http://www.androlib.com/android.application.com-everysoft-autoanswer-ApiA.aspx

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