There was a great thread on the same subject.

Security options grayed out

I am in the same situation where I need to keep the certificates on the android phone. And the ActiveSync certificates greyed out the pattern and facial recognition login options on my HTC one M8.

I can't delete them or otherwise I would be able to use ActiveSync for that server.

So I went to use the Tasker and secure Settings suggestion in the other thread link I mentioned earlier. However, I am completely stuck trying to figure out how I can have Tasker or secure settings override the six digit pin requirement and allow me to do facial recognition instead.

Here is where I am stuck

Tasker -> Tasks -> Add Task -> action category: plugin -> Secure Settings -> Configuration: Secure Setting's Wake Up ->... And Here is where I am confused. I don't see any security setting or related Tasker Task to add to the "IF".

I'm a bit of a newbie with Tasker and Secure Settings. I looked in the documentation for both apps and not seen the next that I should take.

If you could help me solve this I would be very grateful.

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