i've been trying to find a way to allow all my notifications and phone calls from my phone ( galaxy s3 or galaxy s5) to go through a galaxy tablet, as i'm wanting to replace my car stereo ( honda civic 2007) with the tablet and i'm wanting to be able to control my phone from the tablet and stream music from the phone. the closest thing i can think of that does this is the galaxy gear watch so can we put the capabilities of the gear in the tab.

below is a list of things i wish to have.

  • Hands free
  • music sync or transfer
  • control music
  • allow the use of my data from my phone ( i know i can tether but i just thought i would mention it
  • make calls
  • view contacts from phone
  • use maps

I really do think this is possible, so if anyone has any thoughts if this is possible then please help me out.


You'll have to understand, that Bluetooth is based on a master-slave structure, and so are it's drivers and protocol stack.

Most of operations you have specified use existing Bluetooth protocols and profiles:

  • hands free => HFP
  • music streaming => A2DP
  • music control => AVRCP
  • tethering => BNEP
  • making calls = TCP
  • contact viewing => PBA

The problem is, the tablet can act as a master for these protocols, but is missing the stack and drivers for slave functionality. You can, for example, connect the tablet (master) to a headset (slave) over HFP, but you can't use the tablet as a headset.

Until someone develops a more complete Bluetooth stack for Android, which includes both master and slave profiles, you can't do this over Bluetooth.

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