i was chatting on viber and then left for a couple of hours and when i were going to write a message again i saw that all of my previous messages had been deleted except for two of the latest ones. I havent updated or anything, what happend? can it update by itself and deleting messages?


There is no situation in which Viber messages spontaneously delete themselves. Viber does not update without your permission - and updating does not delete messages.

If this occurred on Viber for Desktop, please ensure that the computer that you use is a private computer and no one but you can access it. Additionally, you might consider placing a screen lock on your phone so that your applications are better protected.

  • I think I just experienced such a situation. My mum got sick of her (Android) phone malfunctioning and bought a new one - it was then my job to resurrect as much data as I could from the old one. Would any of the following have caused Viber to delete its message history: 1. Mobile service (and number) being moved to a new phone with a new SIM, 2. Trying to run Viber with SIM removed, 3. Clearing phone's "Contacts Storage" data which was almost certainly corrupt (People (contacts app) and Viber wouldn't run until I did so), or 4. see next comment, the character limit's almost reached. – Hugh Allen Jul 12 '14 at 9:00
  • 4. When I finally got Viber to run, it asked me what my number was. I picked our country from the list and entered my mum's number, which ended up in "international form" (+61 4xxx... instead of "local form" 04xxx...), and Viber sent an activation code to said number. Does this mean it considers it now has a new account on the phone that's different from the old one (I don't know whether the number was originally in local form) and therefore created a new message history and/or deleted the old one? Is there any way to retrieve the message history as it was before all this? Viber version: 2.3.5 – Hugh Allen Jul 12 '14 at 9:02

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