I was just giving viaProtect a try, and stumbled upon this:

viaProtect Screenshot showing "phone-home" activities (click image to enlarge)

As you can see in the highlighted area, SystemBackupService is contacting something in the US. Sure, that could be Google Cloud backup backing up my apps, settings, whatsnot. But the thing is: I've turned that off from the beginning (on account initialization, I've answered the question for "Do you want to backup..." with a clear "No"). So I'd not even expect the service running at all, not to speak of transferring data to any place.

Am I missing something here? I first thought the same service might be used to sync contacts/calendars as well. But then I saw the other entry "3 lines up": "Google-Kontakte synchronisieren" (Google contacts sync), so that's a separate service.

I don't like being spied upon without my consent. And I don't want my data going to the cloud without being able to control what exactly goes there (most stuff I don't want there at all). So what's wrong here? And how do I stop that (except by flashing a custom ROM with no GApps, or removing/freezing them all, I mean ;)?

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