Using "Clean Master" I deleted the "calendar storage" system app, not knowing that this is my calendar app. need to find the .apk to re-install. I did find "TouchWizCalendar.apk" and put it into my system/app folder and installed it. I now see the "calendar" app in my app list, but it will not run. I think I may have the wrong version of the apk, or i don't have the correct one. Can anyone help? Using a Galaxy Note 1 phone. Thanks much.

  • Reflash your ROM with no wipes. This will re-install all system apps – 1990clb Jun 5 '14 at 13:30
  • Restore it from your backu...ooops. Usual hint: Before fiddling with system apps, always make a (Nandroid) backup first. Now you either have to find someone with the exact same device AND Android version to exctract the .apk for you – or a fitting ROM to flash. – Izzy Jun 5 '14 at 13:43
  • get the apk from a trusted source and install it as a system app (google for instruction on this, usually you need to use a root file explorer and move the file to /system/app and set permissions to 644) – jj_ Apr 5 at 0:44

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