(Re-post from https://stackoverflow.com/questions/24049823/does-android-4-4-3-support-bluetooth-low-energy-in-peripheral-mode):

We know that Android until 4.4.2 does not support Bluetooth Low Energy in peripheral mode (see here).

As the OP said, from those commits https://android.googlesource.com/platform/frameworks/base/+/ee0b3e9 looks like they added the feature.

Does anybody have any information on this?

  • That's not true check Android Developer. BLE support from 4.3 onward.
    – CoDe
    Sep 30 '15 at 5:49
  • 2
    4.3 supports BLE in central mode. BLE peripheral mode is only supported in 5.0.
    – Manuel M
    Sep 30 '15 at 5:52

According to Google I/O, peripheral mode for BLE will only be supported with Android L. (Source: https://plus.google.com/117159045047546859181/posts/79nqfUwxeZK)

Another source says it clear:

BLE Peripheral Mode — Android devices can now function in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) peripheral mode. Apps can use this capability to broadcast their presence to nearby devices — for example, you can now build apps that let a device to function as a pedometer or health monitor and transmit data to another BLE device.


Looks like they have made a number of changes and fixes for Bluetooth and BLE. The changelog is here. You can just do a search for bluetooth in that document. This might interest you too. (I'm not sure what they mean by "do not merge")

  • AFAIK "do not merge" has no meaning here, thats just left over from previous in-house processes
    – Manuel M
    Jun 12 '14 at 10:39

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