I've successfully cross-compiled Ruby for Android and everything goes ok in the emulator.

But while I'm testing these funny things on my device (Nexus4) I noticed that /sdcard (or /storage/emulated/0) is a fuse mount with no execution permissions.

How can I execute something on the SD card?

I saw that on Linux you can pass it as argument to the linker. In Android this does not work: /system/bin/linker wants a pointer to a special struct. I believe that I can write a small C program that creates that structure and run the linker to execute a readable program.

But what about shared libraries? Ruby load tens of shared libraries (every time you have a "require"), I bet that execute permissions are required for loading shared libraries.

Moving the executable to /data/data/my.app.name/files/ or any other place is not a solution, my binaries are very fat (statically linked) and users should be free to specify any location where storing them.

  • This rather seems to be a programming problem, not an Android problem. – ale Jun 7 '14 at 13:55
  • @AlE. why? it's a programming problem if /sdcard has no execution permissions? btw, i think that the solution is in the kernel, i have to find the way to get the list struct fuse from the kernel... – tux_mind Jun 11 '14 at 0:36

i found a workaround/hack to list them.

when you open a file on the mountpoint the fuse FS handler will open it too.

i used this information and i wrote a small C program that use proc to find source directories.

if you are interested the project is hosted on github.

regards, tux_mind.

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